Frequently Asked Questions


  • About MITxTreme™
  • Who is Shawn Bennett?
    Fitness expert and creator of MITxTreme™, Shawn has been a pioneer and fitness innovator since 2003, nominated 'Innovator of the Year' (OK), for research in human physiology response to high intensity training (2008). Back to Top
  • What does it consist of?
    You get the MITxTreme™ User Manual, a set of workout DVDs, 4 full-color Workout Charts, the Diet Chart, the Tracking Calendar and Program Schedule, plus a 100 day supply of the KREBS Bio Kit™ and CordySpray™ along with a 50 day supply of TrimYou™ Spray (enough for all 30 days of MITxTreme™) plus email support. Back to Top
  • What makes it so effective?
    Shawn's Measured Intensity Training™ principles assure you never reach a plateau in both strength and cardio fitness. The proprietary supplements super-charge your metabolism to maximize fat loss and muscle/strength gains while increasing your cardio endurance. All of this with just 30 minutes per week of exercise. Back to Top
  • What kind of exercises are included?
    MIT-C (Cardio) consists of 8 minutes of high-intensity interval training which can performed on any piece of cardio equipment or even with no equipment. MIT-S (Strength) workouts are brief Measured Intensity Training™ exercises adapted to a variety of strength training equipment, or performed without any equipment. Each of the 10 major muscle groups are worked on a schedule of 1 muscle group per day, 5 days per week with just a couple minutes of exercise. The MITxTreme™ DVDs demonstrate each of these 5 different MIT-S workouts. Back to Top
  • What kind of diet is required?
    MIT-D (Diet) has 3 stages: In the first stage, you simply watch your sugar and starch intake. In Stage 2, you follow a strict fat-shredding diet of only certain foods (available at any supermarket), eaten in specific proportions. In Stage 3, you 'lock in' your new weight by eating anything except starch and sugar for 3 weeks. Back to Top
  • Preparing for MITxTreme™
  • How do I know if MITxTreme will work for me?
    MITxTreme requires high intensity exercise to get the fantastic results you see on this website. If you have any heart problems, or you are taking any medications that would impact your ability to do high-intensity exercise, this program is probably not for you. You should consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program.

    If you are otherwise healthy, you can test yourself to see if you will be able to do MITxTreme before ordering. Follow the instructions provided in the free eBook "MITxTreme: The World's Fastest Body Transformation Program" available on the home page of this site (for free) on how to perform the MIT-C (Cardio) workouts.

    First calculate your approximate Maximum Heart Rate using the formula: {220 minus your age} to see how high your heart rate could go if you pushed yourself to the limit in your MIT-C (Cardio) workout.

    For example, if you are 40 years old, {220 - 40} = 180 beats per minute. This is the approximate Maximum Heart Rate your heart should be able to reach if pushed to the limit. In a typical aerobic workout (not MIT-C) your heart rate will get up to about 75-90% of the above maximum heart rate. In this example, 75% of 180 is 135 bpm and 90% of 180 is 162 bpm. However, with MIT-C, your heart rate should approach, reach or even exceed the 180 theoretical maximum heart rate using the {220 minus your age formula). It would be typical to see someone 40 years old get their heart rate up to 176 to 184 bpm when doing MIT-C (Cardio) workouts (possibly even higher).

    When performing your very first MIT-C (Cardio) workout, note your actual maximum heart rate at the end of your last interval (most people start with 2 intervals, but if you are very out of shape or have other health issues, start with 1 interval). Each interval consists of 20 seconds all-out exertion followed by 10 seconds of rest.

    If the maximum heart rate achieved at the end of your last interval is no where close to the above {220 minus your age} number, you probably didn't push yourself hard enough. Remember: if you are using a piece of cardio equipment (bike, elliptical trainer, rowing machine, etc) that measures RPMs, the rule of thumb is to keep the RPMs above 85 for each interval. This requires pedaling, etc as fast as you can go at a high enough resistance to elevate your heart rate where it needs to be.

    To do the MIT-C (Cardio) workouts correctly, you have to put in maximum exertion. If you are incapable of doing even 1 interval at maximum exertion (keeping the RPMs above 85 the whole 20 seconds) then MITxTreme is probably not right for you. Without the ability to put forth maximum intensity/exertion in your workouts, you won't be able to benefit from MITxTreme. Back to Top
  • What equipment do I need?
    The exercises in MITxTreme™ can be performed on any equipment, or even without equipment. There are MIT-S (Strength) workouts for free weights, Nautilus/Hammer Strength equipment, Resistance Bands, or body weight exercises without equipment. The MIT-C (Cardio) workouts can be done on any piece of cardio equipment, or even without equipment by simply running in place. Back to Top
  • How much space will I need?
    About 6 by 6 feet. In a typical living room, this is the space between your TV and your couch. Back to Top
  • How much time does it take?
    Only 30 minutes per week. You'll spend more time getting ready to exercise than you will actually doing exercise! Back to Top
  • What will it do for me?
    MITxTreme™ is a revolutionary program that will get you in the best shape of your life with only 30 minutes per week of exercise. You will lose excess fat, gain lean muscle, increase your energy and endurance, improve your strength and heart health and even help you prepare for athletic events, if that's your goal. MITxTreme™ trainees find that they not only look and feel better than ever before, but they've also gained more confidence while keeping the weight off. Back to Top
  • What if I only care about weight loss?
    MITxTreme™ will help you get as lean as possible, replacing fat with muscle. You will lose significant weight with MITxTreme™. Muscle weighs more than fat, and your new lean look in the mirror and your better fitting clothes will be all the proof you need that you've lost a lot of the right kind of weight (fat, and not muscle).
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  • What if I want to train for high-performance sports or an endurance event?
    MITxTreme™ is designed to get you in the best shape of your life. There is no way to outgrow MITxTreme™ because all of the cardio and strength training exercises utilize Measured Intensity Training™ principles that ensure progressive cardio and strength gains from the beginner to the most elite endurance athlete. Back to Top
  • What supplements do I take with MITxTreme™?
    MITxTreme™ comes with a complete supply of proprietary supplements (included for free). Each of these all-natural supplements has a specific function, from boosting the metabolism and increasing cardio endurance, to targeting stubborn fat, improving energy, repairing cells and building muscle. These MIT-V (Vitamins/Supplements) are all-natural and homeotherapeutic with no side-effects, and are safe to take daily, even with other medications. Back to Top
  • How do I know if I'm ready for MITxTreme™?
    MITxTreme™ is an intense program, but it also adapts to any fitness level, allowing you to gradually build your strength and endurance at the pace your body requires. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you can do MITxTreme™. As long as you are able to exercise, you will get the benefits of MITxTreme™. ,

    If you haven't worked out in a while or aren't sure you're ready, we recommend starting slowly per the instructions included with the MITxTreme User Manual.
    (Of course, you should consult your doctor and read all safety instructions before beginning any fitness program.) Back to Top
  • Ordering MITxTreme
  • How long does it take to get my order?
    We ship all orders USPS (US Postal Service) Priority Mail. We do not offer any other shipping options because the supplements that come with the MITxTreme Program Package are best protected when shipped via USPS.

    Normally it takes 3-7 business days to receive your order for USA customers. International shipments can take up to 21 business days to arrive. Since USPS Priority Mail does not guarantee delivery times, once your order leaves our facility you will receive a tracking# via email so you can track your package. On the rare occasion an order takes longer than the above times, please understand it is out of control once the order ships. Back to Top
  • Do you ship to Canada or other countries?
    We no longer ship to Canada but we do ship worldwide to all other countries until we encounter a problem.

    Canada started refusing shipments and we started getting a lot of returns so we no longer ship to Canada. Back to Top
  • Where can I buy MITxTreme™?
    MITxTreme™ is only available through this website. Click the 'Order' tab to order. Back to Top