The MITxTreme™ Challenge

We know you're going to fit into this shirt after you finish 30 days of MITxTreme™, so we're giving it to you.

MITxTreme Fitted T-Shirt

Send us your Before and After pics and testimonial after completing the MITxTreme™ Program and we'll send you this MITxTreme™ fitted T-shirt at no charge.*

If you include a video testimonial, we'll give you a Special Bonus.

Plus, you'll have a chance to win a 1 Rep Gym
(valued at $2500) in our World Record Body Transformation Contest.

The most dramatic body transformation will be shipped a 1 Rep Gym™ at no charge when the contest ends December 31, 2016.

1 Rep Gym logo
1 Rep Gym

* By sending us your Before and After pics and testimonial, you are giving permission to use your images and testimonial on our website(s). Only entries received from the USA qualify for a free T-shirt and a chance to win a 1 Rep Gym.