MITxTreme™ Program Package

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MITxTreme Program Package

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MITxTreme Program Package Contents:

MITxTreme User Manual

MITxTreme User Manual - Everything you need to know about each of the 4 Components of the MITxTreme Program.

• MIT-C (Cardio)
• MIT-S (Strength)
• MIT-D (Diet)
• MIT-V (Vitamins/Supplements)

MITxTreme Workout DVDs

MITxTreme Workout DVDs - All 10 MIT-S (Strength) Workouts performed as Static Contraction Training, Nautilus/Hammer Strength Exercises, Resistance Band Exercises for an inexpensive at home option, Body Weight Exercises (with no equipment and no cost), and with the 1 Rep Gym.


KREBS Bio Kit - Contains 100 Day Supply of:
- KREBS Optimizer
- KREBS Recovery
- KREBS Ultra Multi Vitamin

Taken daily, these all-natural supplements are engineered for optimum cellular health, energy, muscle growth and recovery.

($98 retail value)

*Oral Sprays are homeotherapeutic and without side-effects.


CordySpray - 100 Day Supply

A revolutionary product designed to increase endurance during exercise. The only product of its kind, CordySpray contains the energy signature of Cordyceps Sinensis, proven to enhance endurance.

($47 retail value)

*Homeotherapeutic oral spray without side-effects.

TrimYou Spray

TrimYou Spray - 50 Day Supply

Helps the body release the stubborn, unwanted fat, curbs hunger, and helps retain muscle. For use during the MITxTreme fat loss stage of the program.

($77 retail value)

*Homeotherapeutic oral spray without side-effects.

Workout Charts

MIT-S Workout Charts - Quick reference charts for how to perform all 10 MIT-S (Strength) Workouts showing proper position and form, 1 full-color chart for each:

• Static Contraction Training Workout
• Nautilus / Hammer Strength Equipment Workout
• Resistance Bands Workout
• Body Weight Exercises Workout

Diet Chart

MIT-D Diet Chart - A quick reference chart with all MIT-D2 (Diet) options organized for easy meal creation

Progress Chart and Calendar

MITxTreme Progress Charts and Calendar - Visual at-a-glance charts to keep yourself on track in a simple, easy to use format. Simply check off the boxes on your 30 day journey to your new body!

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