The World's Fastest Body Transformation Program

The World's Fastest Body Transformation Program

We've unlocked the secret to the fastest results possible with the minimum amount of time and effort - just 30 minutes per week total exercise will get you in the best shape of your life. Guaranteed!

The 4 components of MITxTreme™:

MITxTreme Cardio

MIT-C (Cardio)

MIT-C is performed no more than 3X per week.

With a 2-minute warm-up and a 2-minute cooldown, the entire
MIT-C workout is 8 minutes from start to finish when you reach the point where you can do 8 intervals.

You will gradually build up your
MIT-C endurance by starting with 2 intervals until you progress to where you can do 8 intervals.

Don't let the brevity of the workout fool you. Even though it's only 8 minutes, MIT-C high intensity interval training will turbocharge your metabolism to burn fat for up to 48 hours after your workout.
MITxTreme Strength Training


MIT-S (Strength Training) is performed 5 times per week (usually Monday through Friday).

Ideally performed on a
1 Rep Gym where each daily MIT-S workout takes only seconds, you can perform MIT-S exercises with free weights, Nautilus/Hammer Strength equipment, Resistance Bands, or even with no equipment using Body Weight Exercises in just a few minutes.

The MITxTreme Program Package comes with 2 DVDs demonstrating all 5 ways to do MIT-S (Strength Training) workouts along with handy Charts showing correct form for each exercise.
MITxTreme Diet

MIT-D (Diet)

MITxTreme Diet eliminates unhealthy food for 30 days and permits a variety of foods that are scientifically proven to maximize fat loss. These are foods available at any supermarket, but eaten in specific portions so your body can burn as much fat as possible.

After 30 days of MITxTreme, you'll spend 3 weeks eating anything except starch and sugar to 'lock in' your new body weight. You will then maintain your new weight effortlessly.
MITxTreme Supplements


Included with the
MITxTreme™ Program Package is a complete supply of MIT-V (Vitamins/Supplements). These are proprietary, all-natural supplements without any side-effects. They are safe to use daily.

MITxTremeSupplements help crank up your metabolism so your body can burn as much fat as possible while building muscle, increasing your energy, endurance, and health.
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