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Rob S After MITxTreme Pic
Rob S Before and After MITxTreme

After Just 30 Days

"I have tried practically every diet and exercise program there is, and I've never seen anything that works this quickly and with this little effort.

Total workout time is less than 30 minutes per week. No hunger, tons of energy, great results in just 30 days, and the weight stays off with no sagging skin - what more can anyone want?

At 44 years old, I went from 15% body fat to 12% body fat in 30 days, and from a size 34 to size 31 waist. Unbelievable!

I have never felt this good in my life, and I've never been in this good shape, ever."Rob S.

Ruby Pizarro Before and After MITxTreme
"Words can’t explain how much MITxTreme has changed my life. I have felt so energized, more than ever.

Physically I feel so much better than I’ve felt in a long time in such a short amount of time (24 days) using the MIT-V vitamins and supplements. I have more confidence in myself and feel great! What I love the most would be the recovery spray. I rest all night without waking up and in the morning don’t even have to hit snooze.

I’d recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight in a short amount of time but at the same time build more muscle and be stronger than ever.

It’s hard to convey in words the overall experience I’ve had with the program. Simply put, the program works.

Thanks a million Shawn!"Ruby Pizarro

Becky Farrar Before and After MITxTreme
"I spend just 30 minutes per week on MITxTreme. I noticed quicker fat loss on MITxTreme than any other diet or exercise program I’ve done in the past. I had to buy new pants after 4 weeks. I have been into running for about 5 years and never saw results so quickly. I would work out at least 5 hours a week and never got such amazing results. I am more tone and leaner.

I saw results very quickly and spent much less time working out than what I used to do. Before I never really had a normal bedtime. It definitely got me more into a routine for rest and eating. I feel fuller longer and sleep better which I attribute to the KREBS Bio Kit.

I can really tell when the CordySpray kicks in. I even use it if I feel like going on a run for extra energy. It definitely boosts my energy levels.

I love the TrimYou Spray. It helps me stay full. I was a big sweets eater and it helps with my sugar cravings. It makes a major difference.

If you are serious about losing weight and toning up quickly then it is the only way to go. It is amazing. I went from a women's size 7 to a size 3. My jeans went from a 29 inch waist to a 27."Becky Farrar

Brenden 'Bam' Davis Before and After MITxTreme
"I spent the maximum of 35 mins a week on the MITxTreme Program. The minimum was 20 minutes per week.

Compared to other diet and exercise programs I've done in the past, the fat loss was very drastic. I had to actually add a few more calories into my diet to slow the rate of fat loss down.

Overall I feel the Krebs Bio Kit worked great. The noticeable result was I did not get sick during the Bio Kit. Normally with new diet plans/workouts it takes my immune system a bit to adjust and I normally become under the weather. I am not implying that if you take the kit you will not get sick, I am just stating I felt overall healthy.

I felt my heart rate recovered in unprecedented time with the CordySpray. I also noticed when I DID NOT take the CordySpray, the high intensity MIT-C cardio made me want to find the nearest trash can while dry heaving!

The TrimYou Spray worked very well to get rid of the unwanted body fat. I was satisfied with the required food portions.

The main thing that sticks out in my mind is the down time I was able to have. I didn't need to be in the gym training for 2+ hours, 5 days a week like I used to. I feel more like a conditioned athlete, not a body builder which I love!

If you're considering the MITxTreme Program, BE OPEN-MINDED! I had to be to after years of being a "Gym Rat." The theories used have helped me with my own clients I personally train."Brenden "Bam" Davis
Independent Professional Baseball Player and Personal Trainer:

Lisa Norris Before and After MITxTreme
"I want to tell you how very, very happy I am that I started this program. Its truly amazing!! To date I have lost a troublesome 14 lbs and lost great fat inches off my core! I gained about 15-20 lbs during menopause that I have hated and fought for 10 years. I've worked hard in exercise and with trainers, and managed my food intake...counting calories and learning how metabolism works. I've lost 10 of these troublesome lbs many times, but it’s a yo-yo....back & forth, back & forth.

I knew I needed to try something different, and then I found your program. Wow! Its been easy to stay on the Stage 2 diet (2 meals a day) because I am so motivated with the rapid results. I see it on the scale, but mostly I feel it & see it in my body. I feel energized and younger.

I also want to tell you how much I love these supplements. I've tried many types of 'diet/metabolism increasing' supplements in the past...but even after a few days, I've always found they upset my stomach so much I need to quit them. Your supplements I can take with no upset at all. I'm also gratified by them being homeopathic. I don't like to put a bunch of chemicals I don't know into my body. They're wonderful!!

I'm a very active, physical person so I'm not worried about continuing to exercise. In fact, at first I was critical about how little exercise your program has in it. However, as I really got into Stage 2, I found them harder and harder. Its work to continually increase your SIV each week in the strength area! I've definitely found my body’s weak areas! As for the cardio, I'm still staying at level 8, but its not easy as I increase the tension as needed, so I've learned a lot about exercise from you!

My before picture is from early Dec, 2013 about 1 week before I started MITxTreme. I weighed 168 lbs! I wore a lot of baggy clothes to not show my middle then. Last pic is me today!! I'm still in Stage 3 & weigh 151 in that picture!"Lisa Norris

Zach Warne Before and After MITxTreme
"I have tried various workout plans and various supplements along the way maintaining pretty good shape. Nothing I ever did got me into the type of shape I wanted to be in. When I heard about MITxTreme I had to try it and wanted to get in better shape prior to summer softball season. Let me tell you I have never got more out of a program than I did on the MITxTreme program. And to tell you the truth, I felt like it was the easiest program ever!

Right off the bat I started losing the unwanted weight - 11lbs after the first week! Taking the supplements combined with following the diet to a ’T’ I was never hungry, had all the energy I needed and got stronger and faster each and every time I worked out. It was impressive!

My workouts were taking me a total of 30-35 minutes per week. Before, I was used to working out 4-5 hours a week! I was shocked by the results I got with what seemed like so little amount of work. After 30 days, I lost a total of 27 pounds and at least 2 inches off my waist and a bunch off my midsection!

My size 34 inch waist jeans that fit tight were replaced with 32 inch waist jeans that I now have room in! I highly recommend the MITxTreme program for anyone! Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get in better shape, or totally transform your body it’s a great program. It is so easy to get through the 30 days when you start to see and feel the results."Zach Warne

Janni Warne Before and After MITxTreme
"I have been self-conscious of my body. As a college athlete I also thought I was getting the best workout in but after I graduated that changed. I was in no way working out the way I used to. That caused me to try work out plans such as Advocare’s 24-day challenge. Even that did not give me the results I wanted. Once I started MITxTreme, I started to lose weight the first day.

As a lady, it is hard to lose weight, so I was very surprised that I was able to lose weight right away. I lost just about a pound a day that first week. In total I lost 14 pounds. I never lacked any energy nor did I ever feel hungry. I started to listen to my body when it was telling me that I actually needed food and not just when I wanted to eat. I felt lighter every day and I was less bloated. I felt much better about myself and others were able to notice that I was losing weight, which made me feel great! With Sundays used as prep days it made the week of food easy to get through even though I work two jobs. The work out was so fast I was able to do it from once I got off my first job at 3:25 pm and then be at my next job by 5:00 pm work out done and showered! I’d recommend MITxTreme for sure to anyone looking for results, especially if you want extremely fast results in no time!"Janni Warne

Chris Christopher
A 2-time cancer survivor, lost 30.6 lbs and went from a 42" to a 38" waist in just 30 days with MITxTreme.

"I definitely have more energy, and the unwanted body fat just keeps dropping off of me. This is the easiest program I have ever been on!

I had cancer twice. I go to my Oncologist regularly and he couldn't believe the transformation in just 30 days! He asked me 'What are you doing?' - He's done Insanity, P90X, and all those other workout programs and he isn't able to get the weight off. He's always looking for a program that will fit into his tight time schedule and now he's going to do MITxTreme.

I was diagnosed diabetic but now my sugar levels are all in line and normal.

I didn't even stick to the diet portion of the program very well and I still lost a ton of weight and inches on my waist."Chris Christopher

Scott Baker
"The first workout I was just getting used to it, but the rest of them I went all out. I actually got exhausted and felt like I had worked out for over an hour. This is the BEST workout someone (especially a baseball player or any athlete), can do to get in better shape and get stronger.

It's such a violent action when I throw the ball. I can build strength without the risk of injury or the added stress from using free weights and other stuff, man, that's HUGE! The workout is so different but it all makes sense ya know. I love it!" Scott Baker
Professional Pitcher, Major League Baseball (Minnesota Twins)

"Before ANYBODY starts a diet, they need to do this FIRST! I've lost 23 lbs in 20 workouts."Don T.
"I've LOST over 13 lbs. so far, but I what I like the most about this workout is that my back doesn't hurt any more."Jennifer Y.

"This workout is perfect for me because my schedule is so hectic. I get in and get through my workout so FAST! And I also SEE RESULTS!

I enjoy playing golf and I'm hitting the ball farther. Recently I won a longest drive competition!"Betty H.
"I'm stronger, better, and toned. The workout doesn't interrupt my schedule. As a teacher with kids of my own, I don't have to run home and change into gym clothes. I can do this without changing clothes."Chirstina H.

"No matter what I did with regular weights, I always hit a plateau. Now that I've gained I know this really works!"Dave M.
"I love the workout. I feel better and have more energy now. I know that I'm burning fat and the best part, I DON'T HAVE TO DIET!"Lori B.
"I dropped 2 whole dress sizes in 6 weeks. My wedding dress is too big now."Amy B.